Driver Duncan and his Unbelievable 113Mph Speeding Ticket

On the 14th of November, a notice of intended prosecution arrived on Ridgway Rentals’ transport manager desk.  An ‘automatic camera device’ had clocked Ridgway Rentals’ white Volvo lorry doing 113MPH, on Soar Valley Way in Leicester.

Shocked transport manager Dan immediately knew something was wrong. Not only would a vehicle of this size be incapable of doing 113mph, they are also electrically restricted to 56mph by law. Ridgway Rentals take road safety and the environment very seriously and have reduced the speed of their haulage fleet to 50mph meaning the alleged speed was not possible.

Ridgway Rentals immediately contacted Leicestershire Police to advise a lorry could not possibly reach 113mph! Transport manager Dan stated ‘Leicestershire Police do an important job keeping roads safe, but there are no trucks capable of towing 65 tons that can go that fast.’ Leicestershire Police confirmed that this was an error and cancelled the fine, saying that the speed camera was confused with by the number of axles on the lorry.

Later in the day, after his driving shift, lorry driver Duncan was shown his speeding ticket. Duncan said “he always tries to deliver on time but wouldn’t do 113mph and break the speed limit to do so”. He was informed the ticket, that would have meant an instant ban and probably jail sentence, had been retracted and Leicestershire Police apologised for the scare.

Speeding Fine