Dust Devil at Plant Rental HQ!

Our Plant Rental HQ Hit by a Dust Devil

We were literally blown away when a Dust Devil (mini Tornado) hit our plant rental yard this week!

As soon as the mini tornado was spotted, our MD, Stuart Jones, rushed outside to film it as it blew across the yard.

Stuart and fellow staff were amazed to watch such a phenomenon appear

“You could really hear it blowing and it’s certainly something quite amazing to see. We’ve had one or two smaller ones in the yard before but nothing quite as powerful as this!”

Luckily all our Plant Rental Machinery is of a huge weight so was totally unaffected by the power of the swirling updraft and nobody came to any harm!

We’ve never understood where they come from before, there was absolutely no wind here at all but after sharing our video with ITV & local news groups, we understand it better:-

Dust Devil hits Plant Rental HQ

Dust Devil hits Plant Rental HQ!

According to ITV News weather presenter, Des Coleman:

“a dust devil is similar to a tornado, because of their swirling vertical winds, but not as intense”

Dust Devil hits Plant Rental HQ

Dust Devil ‘Dances’ around Plant Hire Yard

The Facts

Dust Devils are similar to tornadoes – both are a weather phenomenon of a vertically rotating column of wind, they form as a swirling updraft under sunny conditions during fair weather.

The spinning dust devil is able to continue longer moving around nearby sources of hot surface air hence it moved all around our yard on a very sunny day!

The contributing conditions of a dusty yard, clear skies, sunny conditions and no wind made our HQ perfect conditions apparently!

Dust Devil moves towards workshop!

So look out if you have a big yard like us – you could be watching one of these yourselves!

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