Why buy when you can rent for less?  

Ridgway contract rental is a cost effective solution to operating plant equipment. Contract rental terms can range from three months to five years, this includes options to terminate early or exchange for another machine

Why invest your funds, that could be better used in your business, on a single item of plant?

You could contract rent from Ridgway with a fixed monthly cost and have the option to change the machine for something else should your requirements change or even off hire if no longer needed.

Have you already invested in plant?

Ridgway contract rental can purchase your machinery, releasing your cash and provide you with a replacement machine.

Contract rental from Ridgway

  • No Ridgway decals, add your own company logos
  • Fixed monthly cost
  • 100% tax deductible
  • Off hire or exchange for something else
  • Your plant purchased, finance settled

In todays uncertain world, the only certain choice is a Ridgway Contract Rental. Let “Ridgway put you in the driving seat” with a contract rental.

Contract Rental with Ridgway Rentals