Look fashionable this Winter

We have just taken delivery of new branded beanies for our customers from WPG. The polyester and acrylic material allows for maximum comfort and superior breathability so your head won’t become sweaty and uncomfortable. The colour and design means that you will remain warm and stylish while you work outside.

Your new beanie can even be used for other purposes, why not wear it while you walk the dog, wash the car, work in your garden, go to the shops or any outdoor activity this winter.

Ridgway Rentals don’t just put you in the driving seat, we also keep you looking good and your head warm.

   New Ridgway Beanie hats

Plant Hire with Ridgway Rentals is Simple

When you hire with Ridgway Rentals you receive a new machine that has been well maintained. Instead of worrying about HP agreements and paying high interest rates, hiring a machine with Ridgway Rentals means you only pay a monthly rental fee and delivery, we take care of the rest. Say goodbye to servicing and maintenance as we look after our own machinery giving you the confidence to complete your important work. If, in the unlikely case, that your machine does breakdown during a job, our service team will be happy to help.

  • No more HP
  • No risk
  • New Machine
  • Servicing sorted
  • Straight Forward Prices