new hats

Like the look of our new Ridgway Rentals Beanies? Then keep reading!

Ridgway Beanies are back in stock…with a fun new design and new colours!

We fancied a change and something a bit fun so we took our idea over to Welshpool printing group and here they are! 

As a thank you to our customers we send a Ridgway Beanie hat with every hire! However, the love for our beanie hats goes a lot further than our customers. 

We showcased the new designs across our social media platforms and received lots of great feedback and requests, from our regular customers to people who follow us just for interest or support! We even had some requests from our smallest supporters and we can’t expect them to hire a machine to get one! 



As a thank you to everyone for their support and continued interest for Ridgway Rentals we would like to give away some of our loved Ridgway Beanies for a limited time only! 

Get your Ridgway Rentals beanie today! 

Send an email to with your full name, colour preference and postal address. 

Stock is limited so get yours fast! 

kev in a hat 1 new beanie design

Jack in a hat huwie in hat