18m Long Reach Excavator

Our 18m Long Reach Excavator Hire includes the Komatsu PC240SLF (Super Long Front) excavator. It is a 30 ton excavator with over a 18 metre reach. Komatsu’s exclusive, on-board, HydrauMind system assists in all operations, providing enhanced machine performance that’s always perfectly matched to the task.

18m Long Reach Excavator Features

  • Optimised working range, with useful digging performance
  • Special counterweight for long reach working
  • Suitable for digging work as well as slope finishing
  • Adjustable presets for rapid attachment changeover
  • Additional filters for attachment and machine protection
  • Hydraulic relief pressure control
  • Automatic changeover valves

This machine is ideal for dredging neglected rivers and streams to prevent future flooding.

Quick Specification

Net Horsepower    168 HP
Operating Weight29.910 kg
Max Reach    18.250 m
Max Digging Height12.860 m
Max Digging Depth 14.580 m

Approved for Environment agency work, unlike other machines that have been altered after manufacture

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