Komatsu HB365LC

Our HB365LC Hybrid Excavator Hire offers a lower environmental impact and a superior performance that also helps reduce operating costs

HB365LC Hybrid Excavator Hire Features

  • Komatsu EU Stage IV with ultra-low emissions
  • Electric swing to capture and regenerate energy
  • Massive reduction in fuel consumption & CO2 emissions
  • Up to 53 kW extra electric power
  • Adjustable Eco-gauge and auto idle stop
  • Komatsu SpaceCab™ with ultra-low noise levels
  • Fully air-suspended operator station & widescreen monitor
  • Neutral position detection system

Quick Specification

Net Horsepower   271 HP
Operating Weight   37.350 kg
Max Digging Height10.550 m
Max Dumping Height 7.490 m
Max Digging Depth  6.180 m

In Komatsu’s unique hybrid system, the electric swing motor-generator captures and regenerates energy as the upper structure slows down and converts it into electric energy.


Hybrid technology explained

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