JCB Hydradig Wheeled Excavator with Prolec

Hire an Excavator with Prolec

Excavator with Prolec Hydradig 110WWhen recently asked if we had a Hydradig excavator with prolec for hire, we hadn’t got one, but we soon changed that!

Here at Ridgway Rentals, not only do we offer the best equipment from leading manufacturers such as JCB, Komatsu, Hitachi & Hydrema – we will also customize a machine to match demand!

We have more recently become very well known, UK wide for supplying bespoke plant machinery!

If we can customise a machine so that it offers the exact needs of our customers, we will – as simple as that! When we are asked, we will always endeavour to find the best addition or conversion, no matter how specific the individual requirements may be!

Hydradig Wheeled Excavator with Prolec

This JCB 110W Hydradig has been installed with a birdseye 360° camera system allowing the operator to see a full 360 degrees around the excavator on a single monitor.

A Prolec rated capacity indicator RCI was also installed by Allan J Hargreaves. This addition means the machine can safely lift to its maximum design weight as well as slew restrictor and height restrictor to prevent unintentional operation into a danger area.

This type of system is ideal for work alongside live motorways, rail work or avoiding over head power cables.

Prolec Hydradig RCI Pro with envelope control

Engineered with specialist JCB support, James Fisher Prolec’s Hydradig system is a tailor-made engineering solution that integrates directly with Hydradig controls, providing enhanced functionality and improving safety in confined spaces.

The JF Prolec Hydradig RCI Pro maximises productivity whilst maintaining strict control over the safety of the machine working in congested spaces. RCI Pro with envelope control ensures the machine remains stable in lifting operations and reliably controls its range of motion, with the added benefit of hydraulic motion cut to prevent overloading.
With load, height and slew control combined, the specialised Hydradig system will meet the most stringent safety requirements on construction sites and by regulatory bodies. Using JF Prolec’s RCI Pro solution will ensure compliance to relevant regulations while enabling you to tender for projects with larger infrastructure delivery firms who now specify that a reliable electronic safety system be fitted to any machinery used on sites.

JF Prolec’s Hydradig RCI Pro with envelope control
RCI Pro with envelope control enables safe lifting operations through a machines working range, maximising productivity through operator confidence of the machine’s full capacity. Fitted with an alarm with beacon as standard – a requirement by UK law – the system not only warns operators should the machine approach its user defined height, slew, min/max working radius or safe working limit, it also utilises hydraulic motion cut to prevent any part of the equipment entering an unsafe zone or the machine becoming unstable when lifting.


  • Ensures compliance with construction industry regulations for congested environments
  • Maximises productivity with full utilisation of machine’s lifting and slew capacity
  • Prevents machine entering unsafe zones or becoming unstable when lifting
  • Improves safety and reduces risk during machine operations
  • Enables confined space working with no risk of damage to plant machinery or surrounding infrastructure
  • Manages site risk through constant machine movement monitoring within defined safe zones
  • LOLER compliance (external certification required)
  • Retrofit to existing Hydradig excavators, reducing operating costs


  • Directly integrates with existing Hydradig controls
  • Real-time lifting capacity displayed through the working range
  • Actual real-time load on hook displayed during lift
  • Real-time machine position monitored giving immediate warning of approach to limit
  • Audible and visual alarm at or near limits with hydraulic motion cut

The Prolec RCI combines a full range of safety functions to enable full control and traceability over your machine’s functions

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