Ridgway Rentals reaching out to you with our Nationwide Long reach excavator hire

Nationwide Long Reach Excavator Hire

From 12meters to 22meters Ridgway has the long reach excavators you need.

Ridgway Rentals self-drive plant hire fleet offers a wide range of equipment, available nationwide.

Our long reach excavator hire fleet includes the following machines:-




Komatsu PC138

Our 12m Long Reach Excavator Hire includes the PC138US-SLF zero tail swing excavator from Komatsu. This is a 13 ton machine with a 12 metre reach with the added bonus of being able to work in confined areas due to the reduced tail swing.

All of the machines are factory built, have full specification sheets, bio-oil and are CE certified.

This machine is ideal for working on jobs where room is tight but long reach is still needed.

Komatsu PC138



PC210 with 15 meter long reach

Komatsu PC210

Our 15m Long Reach Excavator Hire includes the Komatsu PC210SLF (Super Long Front) excavator, a 20 ton excavator with over a 15 metre reach. 

Komatsu’s exclusive, on-board, HydrauMind system assists in all operations, providing enhanced machine performance that’s always perfectly matched to the task.

Approved for Environment agency work, unlike other machines that have been altered after manufacture


Komatsu PC360

Our 22m long reach excavator includes the Komatsu PC360SLF (Super Long Front) excavator. This 40 ton excavator boasts a 22 metre reach and is supplied with all the necessary CE certs and lifting charts that are necessary for environment agency work.

All of the machines are factory built, have full specification sheets, bio-oil and are CE certified.

These are the only type of machines able to work for the environmental agency.

Komatsu PC360, 40 ton excavator


Why Komatsu is our number one choice for long reach excavators?

These machines are all factory built long reach excavators, they have been built from the ground up as long reach and come with full CE certification as long reach.

This means our customers have the safest, most efficient long reach excavators available

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