15m Long Reach Excavator

Our 15m Long Reach Excavator Hire includes the Komatsu PC210SLF (Super Long Front) excavator, a 20 ton excavator with over a 15 metre reach. 

15m Long Reach Excavator Features

  • Optimised working range, with useful digging performance
  • Special counterweight for long reach working
  • Suitable for digging work as well as slope finishing
  • Adjustable presets for rapid attachment changeover
  • Additional filters for attachment and machine protection
  • Hydraulic relief pressure control
  • Automatic changeover valves

Quick Specification

Net Horsepower   148 HP
Operating Weight   26.250 kg
Max Digging Reach 15.190 m
Max Digging Height    13.880 m
Max Digging Depth                    11.510 m

Komatsu’s exclusive, on-board, HydrauMind system assists in all operations, providing enhanced machine performance that’s always perfectly matched to the task.

Approved for Environment agency work, unlike other machines that have been altered after manufacture

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