Komatsu D65 PXi Dozer

Our Komatsu D65 PXi Dozer is a 22 Ton intelligent machine controlled crawler dozer

Komatsu D65 PXi Dozer Features

  • Integrated, factory installed Intelligent Machine Control
  • Automated operation from rough dozing to finish grade
  • Sigmadozer® blade with hydraulic pitch
  • Superior visibility on blade and ripper
  • Hydrostatic steering system & gearshift preset function

Quick Specification

Net Horsepower220 HP
Operating Weight22.200 kg
Blade Capacity3,69 - 5,61 m³

Innovative Intelligent Machine Control

The D65 PXi-18 comes with a fully factory-installed 3D Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Machine Control system. Add-on components for machine control typically mounted on the blade are now replaced with a factory installed cab top GNSS antenna, an enhanced inertial measuring unit with stroke sensing hydraulic cylinders. This integrated sensor package is robust and accurate. It eliminates the daily hassles of installing and removing antennas and cables from the blade and the wear associated with it.


Automatic dozing from start to finish

While high-precision finish grading can be achieved by dozers with a conventional control system, the D65EXi/PXi-18 can also perform rough dozing in automatic mode. When rough dozing, the fully automatic blade control monitors blade load and adjusts blade elevation, to minimise track slip and perform high-efficiency dozing. Blade control adjusts to provide finish grade performance with high-level precision.

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    Komatsu D65 PXi Dozer Specifications:

    Why is Factory Fitted Better?

    Factory Fitted GPS Intelligent Machine Control is a much more robust solution, add-on components for machine control (like TopCon & Trimble applications) can involve fragile sensors bolted on where they can get damaged plus factory fitted eliminates the daily hassles of installing and removing antennas and cables and the wear associated with it.

    Komatsu D65 PXi Dozer has Factory integrated gps

    All components for machine control are installed during assembly at the Komatsu manufacturing facility, ensuring a reliable and high quality installation. Komatsu customer support is extended to the machine control system itself.

    Cab top GNSS antenna

    No more worries about blade mounted antennas or cables. The cab top GNSS antenna on your D65EXi/PXi-18 reduces the risk of damage and theft.

    Enhanced inertial measuring unit (IMU+)

    Chassis mounted enhanced inertial measuring unit (IMU+) and intelligent logic provides for finish grade accuracy without blade mounted sensors. Positional updates up to 100 times/ second, for high speed automatic operations.


    The Komatsu D65 PXi Dozer Hire offers Improved efficiency

    The fully automatic modes drastically improve efficiency of dozer operations. Intelligent machine control technology helps even less experi- enced operators perform top quality work.

    As-built surface track mapping

    Cab top GNSS antenna provides accurate “as-built” surface data by measuring actual elevations. Progress can be measured in real time with operator-selectable settings.

    Easy and precise

    The ergonomic Palm Command Control System (PCCS) provides efficient and comfortable steering. The new control levers are fingertip controlled for precise and fatigue-free operating. When backing up overshot rock or other rough surfaces, travel speed can be reduced with the “slow reverse” function to improve ride quality and decrease vibrations and fuel consumption.

    Automatic transmission

    Set by default, the D65EXi/PXi-18 has a highly efficient transmission that automatically matches the best gear mode in all dozing operations and includes a travel speed preset function to reduce work time and fatigue for the operator. With Komatsu’s ECMV (Electronic Controlled Modulation Valves) gear changes are smoothly timed to always keep the power transfer at maximum efficiency.

    Superior visibility on blade and ripper

    The redesigned ROPS/FOPS integrated cab and the well-located operator seat give optimal blade visibility to the left and right and make both dozing and grading easy, safe and fast. To further improve safety and ripping efficiency, the special shape of the fuel tank gives the operator a clear view of the ripper point and of the dozer’s backside.

    For more information on our Komatsu D65 PXi Dozer Hire

    Call us on 01691 770171 or FREE on 0800 515155

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