Komatsu D61PX Dozer


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Ridgway Plant Sales are proud to offer this Komatsu D61PX Dozer for sale from our dozer hire fleet

Komatsu D61PX-24 Dozer
Serial number 

  • PAT Blade (Power Angle Tilt)
  • LGP Low Ground Pressure
  • CE Certified
  • Our Machine from New
  • Full Komatsu Service History


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Max. Engine Power169 HP    
Operating Weight  19.460 kg
Blade Capacity3,8 m³

This Komatsu D61PX Dozer for sale is a low ground pressure – LGP dozer that offers excellent stability & grading performance and is fitted with a power angle tilt  – PAT blade.

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    Komatsu D61PX Dozer Specifications

    The Komatsu D61PX-24 Dozer is a low ground pressure dozer with Power Angle Tilt PAT Blade that offers excellent stability & grading performance.

    Powerful and Environmentally Friendly

    • Low consumption EU Stage IV engine
    • Highly efficient hydrostatic drive line (HST)
    • Hydrostatic cooling fan with cleaning mode
    • Adjustable auto idle shutdown

    First-Class Operator Comfort

    • Unique super-slant nose design
    • Quiet and comfortable cab
    • Fully adjustable air-suspended seat
    • Integrated rear-view camera

    Optimised Work Equipment

    • INPAT blade with adjustable pitch
    • Multishank parallelogram ripper

    State-of-the-Art Controls

    • Extremely manoeuvrable hydrostatic drive
    • Variable speed selection or conventional quick shift
    • Palm Command Control System (PCCS)
    • Large multifunctional monitor with troubleshoot- ing function

    Tough and Reliable

    • Low-drive “PLUS” undercarriage
    • Sturdy, rugged design
    • Self-adjusting idler support
    • Rear-mount radiator with swing-up hydraulic fan


    • Komatsu Wireless Monitoring System
    • 3G mobile communications
    • Integrated communication antenna
    • Increased operational data and fuel savings

    Komatsu D61PX Dozer – Highly efficient hydrostatic driveline

    The hydrostatic driveline is a key factor in the performance of the Komatsu D61PX-24 Dozer. It supplies high drawbar pull when needed and a highly fuel-efficient driveline for grading and precision work. With a choice between two operating modes, the operator can select either “quick- shift” or “variable speed” to match a complete range of applications in the most economic and easy way.

    Hydrostatic transmission (HST) control system

    The unique, Komatsu-designed hydrostatic transmission controller monitors the engine output and working equipment or travel load. It controls the HST pumps and motors displacement to deliver optimum speed and drawbar pull. In addition, the controller provides ample power to both tracks when turning, enabling counter-rotation at very low speeds and making the D61-24 extremely manoeuvrable.

    Efficient hydrostatic engine cooling fan

    The cooling fan always runs at the lowest convenient speed. Rotation and velocity are electronically adjusted based on the temperature of the engine coolant and hydraulic oil. This reduces fuel consumption and operating noise levels and requires less horsepower than a belt-driven fan. For extra efficiency, the fan also has a large air outlet surface.

    Komatsu EU Stage IV

    The Komatsu EU Stage IV engine is productive, dependable and efficient. With ultra-low emissions, it provides a lesser environmental impact and a superior performance to help reduce operating costs and lets the operator work in complete peace of mind.


    Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Cooled EGR is a technology well-proven in current Komatsu engines. The increased capacity of the EGR cooler now ensures very low NOx emissions and better engine performance.

    Komatsu Closed Crankcase Ventilation (KCCV) Crankcase emissions (blow-by gas) are passed through a CCV filter. The oil mist trapped in the filter is returned back to the crankcase while the filtered gas is returned to the air intake.

    High-Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) To achieve complete fuel burn and lower exhaust emissions, the heavy-duty High- Pressure Common Rail fuel injection system is computer controlled to deliver a precise quantity of pressurised fuel into the redesigned engine combustion chamber by multiple injections.

    Variable Geometry Turbo (VGT) The VGT provides optimal airflow to the engine combustion chamber under all speed and load conditions. Exhaust gas is cleaner, fuel economy is improved while machine power and performance are maintained

    Heavy-duty after treatment

    The after treatment system combines a Komatsu Diesel Particulate Filter (KDPF) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). The SCR system injects the correct amount of AdBlue® at the proper rate to break down NOx into water (H2O) and nontoxic nitrogen gas (N2). NOx emissions are reduced by 80% vs. EU Stage IIIB engines.

    Komatsu D61PX Dozer with Optimised Work Equipment

    Komatsu blades

    For increased blade performance and better machine balance, Komatsu uses a box blade design, with the highest resistance for a lightweight blade. Special Komatsu highly wear-resistant steel is used for the front and sides of the blade to increase durability. The deep curved design of the blade makes it easy to handle a wide range of materials, with good penetration and large capacity, optimising high dozing performance with excellent fuel efficiency.

    Komatsu rippers

    Komatsu rippers were designed to combine the highest productivity with a long lifetime. The shank is fitted with special wear parts that increase longevity and offer the best penetration in various types of materials.

    Multishank parallelogram ripper (option)

    The multi shank parallelogram ripper has 3 ripper shanks as standard, but can be easily converted to a single or two-shank ripper, depending on job conditions. The strong parallelogram design offers straight shank movement, adapted for tough applications.

    Straight Power Angle Tilt blade with adjustable pitch

    The straight Power Angle Tilt blade (INPAT), offers a wide range of working modes. The large diameter centre ball design offers a strong and durable solution for the blade attachment to the INPAT frame reducing maintenance costs. A fold-up INPAT version of the blade for the PX machines guarantees a transport width of 3 metres and easy transportation between job- sites.


    Komatsu D61PX Dozer with First-Class Comfort

    Quiet and comfortable cab

    Operator comfort is essential for safe and productive work. The cab on the D61-24 is quiet and comfortable, an ideal environment to concentrate on the job. Its hexagonal design and large tinted glass windows offer excellent panoramic visibility. The high capacity climate control system pressurises the cab to keep dust out. A high quality sound-absorbent lining covers the interior to minimise noise levels for the operator.


    The best view

    A super slant nose gives the D61-24 the best visibility of any dozers on the market. This unique feature dramatically increases efficiency and jobsite safety, with operators now always having a full view of both the blade and the ripper and of objects close to them. The new cab-forward design, with integrated ROPS/FOPS and large glass windows, provides more room and places the operator closer to the blade, further improving visibility and comfort.


    Fully-adjustable, heated air suspension seat

    The driver’s seat and console are amongst the most important components of the driver’s equipment. The comfortable, heavy-duty, air suspension seat, complete with headrest, gives the operator a secure and comfortable work environment.

    Komatsu D61PX Dozer with State-of-the-Art Controls

    Large TFT colour multi-monitor

    A large user-friendly colour monitor enables safe, accurate and smooth work. It provides on-hand data to continuously improve productivity and fuel consumption. Multilingual and with all essential information available at a glance, it features simple and easy to operate switches and multifunction keys that provide the operator with fingertip access to a wide range of functions and operating information.

    Automatic speed change

    Komatsu HST controller always changes the travel speed automatically, depending on load or ground conditions, and efficient operations are facilitated – with no shift shocks. The dozer can work at the optimal speed and drawbar pull point, increasing productivity and fuel efficiency.

    Easy operation control

    The ergonomic Palm Command Control System (PCCS) provides efficient and comfortable steering of the machine. The blade’s electronic control joystick provides precise control. Its reactivity can be customized to the operator’s preference, for maximum productivity in any type of application.

    Selectable working modes

    Working mode can be set to either “Power” for maximum power or to “Economy” for energy-saving operations. Combined with a choice between automatic or manual working mode, this lets the operator select the optimum machine power configuration for the work at hand.

    Komatsu D61PX Dozer has Easy Operation & Maintenance

    Reversible swing-up fan The D61-24 includes a swing-up fan with a gas strut-assisted lift locking system to provide easy access to the radiator, oil cooler, and charge air cooler. The operator can switch the hydraulic fan to “cleaning” mode so that it rotates in reverse at full speed to clean the radiators, reducing maintenance costs and improving fuel efficiency.

    Simple and convenient service Well located service doors allow convenient and safer ground access to daily service points. With the radiator located at the rear of the machine, engine fuel and oil filters can be easily accessed from the front of the engine compartment. Remote grease points facilitate lubrication of the C-frame pivots and angle cylinder bearing.

    Self-diagnostic monitor The multifunction monitor panel displays the running time, engine revs, fuel level and water coolant temperature in real-time. It also provides the operator with maintenance and service information, if oil filters need replacing or any abnormality occurs. In addition, it supplies Komatsu mechanics with detailed information, with no need for external service tools.

    AdBlu® tank The AdBlue® tank is easily accessible on the left-hand side of the machine.

    PX Dozer undercarriage The D61PX dozer undercarriage is ideal for working on soft surfaces. The wide shoes and PLUS link assembly ensure a large contact area between the machine and the ground for maximum stability, grading performance and undercarriage lifetime.

    Self-adjusting idler support The self-adjusting idler support provides constant and even tension on idler guide plates. It reduces noise levels and vibrations and increases undercarriage life.

    Modular design D61-24 was designed and manufactured to have low maintenance costs and a long lifetime. This was achieved mainly by reducing component complexity and with a strong modular design.

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    Komatsu D61-24 Operators Manual & User Manuals are available as well as full specification brochure

    The D61 dozer is equivalent to the CAT D6 dozer