WA380 Waste Spec

The Komatsu WA380 waste spec comes fitted with specially designed loader arms and waste handling bucket that offers the easiest of loading to even the tallest bulk trailers.

Komatsu WA380 Waste Spec Features

  • High Reach Loader Arms
  • Solid Tyres
  • Fire Suppression
  • Cab Protection
  • High Tip Bucket
  • Reversing Cameras

Quick Specification

Max. Engine Power                                           187 HP  
Operating Weight      20.500 kg    
Bucket Capacity     4.5 m³

The ample height created from the extended arms above the trailer also means that the material being loaded can be compacted by the bucket ensuring the all vessels are loaded to their fullest capacity before leaving your site.

These high performance machines can be supplied direct to site in the excact specification you require – speak to us with your requirements

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    Boom suspension system

    The boom suspension system reduces the shocks in the boom when driving with loads meaning that materials can be transported at higher speeds with minimum spillage. When travelling below 7 km/h, the boom suspension is automatically deactivated for precise pallet loading into trucks.

    Superior dumping height and reach

    These loading shovels come equipped with loader arms designed to load the tallest bulkers and still give enough room to compact material. The long lifting frame allows for an enormous dumping height and together with being extremely maneuverable in tight spaces results in faster loading cycles.

    Plant can be supplied on a short term hire or Long Term Contract Hire.

    All our plant equipment is modern and of the latest specification, well maintained and fully inspected for safety and reliability.