Specialist Requirement for Plant Hire

A Specialist Requirement for Plant Hire came in for a 3 Ton Swivel Tip Dumper to be used for an indoor construction project

As our customers know, if they have a specialist requirement for Plant Hire, at Ridgway, we will always endeavour to provide the exact machine, in the exact specification required.

One such customer came to us with their request for a 3 Ton Swivel Tip Dumper that was needed for use in constructing an indoor tennis court.

For construction equipment to work safely in an indoor environment, it is vital to remove diesel particulate matter or soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine which means it needs to be fitted with a diesel particulate filter or DPF for short.

Specialist Requirement for Plant Hire

Specialist Requirement for Plant Hire at Ridgway Rentals

A DPF is a device that helps to reduce the emissions from your diesel engine. It is a soot trap that collects soot particulates from the exhaust gasses before they enter the atmosphere. The exhaust gasses flow into the Diesel Particulate Filter and the soot particles from the gasses are filtered out and trapped within the DPF and later burned away during the regeneration process.

Our very happy client also hired one of our latest 8 Ton Midi Excavators.

Going that extra mile for any specialist requirement for Plant Hire enquiry is part of a long-standing tradition at Ridgway. The majority of our machines are already available in numerous specs including Loading Shovels in waste & quarry spec, excavators in demolition spec  . . .  and the list goes on.

So if you have a specialist requirement for Plant Hire – contact us

At Ridgway Rentals – we are always here to help and provide Plant Hire Nationwide – so wherever you are in the UK mainland – we can bring you the exact machine you want.

Our JCB 3 Ton Swivel Tip Dumpers boast a generous heaped skip capacity and high-quality slew ring bearings for the ultimate in smoothness and precision when dumping. They offer clear, user-friendly controls, a 90-degree rotation to each side of the machine before tipping and overall, excellent versatility on any job site even in confined areas.

Our Dumpers Hire ranges from 3 Ton up to 10 Ton and includes Front or Swivel Tip. We stock both Thwaites and JCB Dumpers that come with standard features including flashing beacons, roll bars & safety belts, lights for legal use on roads, four-wheel drive with power steering, hydraulically operated skips, ignition key start, towing eye and folding ROPS frame to meet European legislation, PLUS the option of flotation tyres.

Ridgway puts you in the driving seat!