Multi-Processor Hire

Our multi-processor hire includes the Prodem PMP220

Features of Multi-Processor Hire

  • Single-pin jaw mechanism for enhanced shearing force
  • Interchangeable jaw sets mounted on a single base
  • Blade clearance adjustment system
  • 6 interchangeable jaws for crushing, pulverising, shearing and demolition
  • 360° hydraulic rotation with heavy duty swing gear
  • Wear resistant steel teeth

Our multi-processors are suitable for 5 – 50 Ton Excavators & can be hired for our machinery or your own.

Quick Specification

pmp220 Multi processor Hire

Multi-processor Offers Versatility


Multi-processors are often hired specifically for demolition work.

The interchangeable jaws including shears, muncher, cracker, pulverising, crushing etc. makes them so versatile as they can be utilised throughout the various different stages of demolition work including demolishing, cutting, material handling, separation, crushing etc.

Only Need Attachment Hire?

Like all our demolition attachment hire, our multi-processor can be supplied for our machinery or your own!

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